David R. Larson - Chief Commercial Officer

Dave is an automotive finished vehicle logistics professional with considerable experience within both new and remarketed supply chains. Beginning in 1993 with Kia Motors as a Logistics Manager, Dave's career has been focused and dedicated to the industry. Nearing 30 years of experience with OEMs, Brokers, and Asset Carriers he understands how to get the job done.

Now as Chief Commercial Officer at JMN Logistics and Transportation, Dave is leading the charge in building the companies commercial top-line service offerings. Recently, he executed one of the largest contracts in the companies history with Volkswagen of America. He is building the team along with the other executives at JMN that will position the company for success in the near future and long haul.

Contact David R. Larson

1-949-212-2370 dlarson@jmnhaul.com