Jon Michael Nuckolls - Owner

JMN Transportation and Logistics was started by Jon Michael Nuckolls. It was a natural fit from the start, considering the Nuckolls family has been a familiar name in many different sectors of the automobile industry for over 60 years.

It began with the owner, Jon Nuckolls’ grandfather, who started an auto transport business in the early ‘50s. This led Jon’s father, Jerry, and Jon into the industry. In 1981, Jon got his start in the wholesale & retail car industry with his family, while working full time as a senior in high school.

Further strengthening his foothold in the industry, Jon decided to start a detail shop in 1983. With his growing knowledge and unmatched perseverance, Jon began buying and selling on his own in 1987 when he purchased the family auto wholesale business, Fenton Auto Sales. Soon becoming the Midwest’s largest wholesaler, it became necessary to hire additional buyers to work directly for Fenton Auto Sales in 1990.

As a successful wholesaler, Jon understood the need for quick and reliable auto transportation for his various auction purchases locally, as well as nationwide. Keeping in the spirit of his grandfather, Jon always had at least 1-2 trucks to transport his own purchases.

Jon is well known in the car industry. This, among other reasons, is why Dutch Hauhe of St. Louis Auto Auction turned to Jon in 1999, when transportation services in the St. Louis area were unable to keep up with demand. In true Nuckolls fashion, Jon successfully took on the task. Seeing a good opportunity, Jon separated the transportation sector from Fenton Auto Sales and formed JMN Transportation Inc.

JMN Transportation has consistently provided the St. Louis market with local towing and driveaway services. The business had expanded throughout the auctions and dealers. This expansion caught the attention of the OEM’s who took notice of JMN's “can-do” business model. In 2007, Jon started JMN Logistics, LLC. JMN Logistics opened its brokerage division to support all business that was not transported on JMN assets but by our carrier partners and owner-operators.

JMN's growth skyrocketed after this and continued to increase their new car delivery & drive away services nationwide including OEM contracts. JMN continues to receive many awards for its safety, on-time deliveries, and compliance.

In 2010, Jon decided to restructure the organization of the company, looking at business development in a different light. This led him to take a good look at who was helping him manage JMN. Jon recognized that he needed a trustworthy, innovative senior management team to help him shape his business & its mission. Jon recruited people that he trusted like family and knew the direction in which he wanted to steer JMN.

Today, JMN’s reputation is superior within the industry. With multiple OEM contracts and concrete business partnerships, JMN is undoubtedly known as a family-owned business with a huge presence within the auto transportation industry. When asked why JMN has been such a success in the auto transportation business, Jon responded, “I know their struggles, I have had them myself.”

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