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Car Shipping in the Summer

Summer is here. For many, that means moving- whether that’s out of a college dorm or into a new house- moving can be expensive. One moving expense to consider is shipping your vehicle- rather than driving it to your
destination. There are many pros and cons to shipping your car rather than driving it to your new home.

There are a lot of factors that go into shipping a car. The time of year is a big factor. Winter car shipping is not the same as shipping a car in the summer. The expense- and the weather conditions- can vary depending on
the time of year. It’s easier to ship a car in the summer because you don’t run the risk of having harsh wintry conditions on the roads. You could run into some flooding risks if you’re in a rain-prone area- but you won’t have to
worry about ice or snow while you’re getting your car where it needs to go. That said, summer car shipping tends to be much higher in demand than winter car shipping. Summertime is a popular time for many to move since it’s hard to move in the ice and snow. This can factor into the ultimate price of your car shipping. In the winter, your car may encounter delays on the road- but most cars still get to their destination on time.

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There are things you need to keep in mind before you decide to ship your car. Make sure your car is thoroughly clean inside and out before it goes on the truck. Make note of any existing damage to your car. That way- if for some reason there’s damage to your car during transport- you know it wasn’t an existing amount of damage and you can claim it on insurance. Take out any and all valuables- this includes things like nice stereos and other features that can be removed from the car. Take out anything custom or easily removable like an antenna or other custom piece in or on the car. Make sure to take it to a mechanic before you ship it to ensure it doesn’t need any service prior to the move. Drive down the gas- you only need around a quarter of a tank before you ship your car. The more gas in the car- the harder it is to ship it. Make sure the car’s radiator is topped off so it doesn’t freeze in the winter or overheat in the summer. Replace windshield wipers- because the weather can impact your car’s windshield while in transport. Adjust your car’s tires depending on the change in pressure from your destination. The pressure changes as the air changes- so plan accordingly.

Summer is a very busy time for car shipping. Whether it’s a snowbird going back home, a college kid leaving for the summer, or someone deciding to rent a summer home- it can drastically change the price if you are in need of a car shipment. If you are planning a big move or any other trip that requires you to ship a car in the summer- it’s best to plan ahead. The price will vary depending on if it’s the beginning of the summer or towards the end. There is also often a backlog of cars needing shipment around July 4th- so this could potentially delay any plans you may have to ship if you move around that time or shortly after. By the end of July and into early August, things usually slow down for car shipping companies and it’s often much easier to ship a vehicle at that point in time. Short notice shipments can also affect the price- because that creates problems for people who plan ahead. If you need to move on short notice- you’ll likely pay a lot more. Your price will also vary if the weather in your destination that you’re coming from is different than where you’re going. If where you’re currently living in a warm climate and you’re going back to a cooler or colder climate- this could impact your ultimate shipment price. If your delivery happens to coincide with a hurricane or other major weather event-this can impact your cost as well.

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Shipping a car can often be an easy solution and one less headache during a big move. While the costs vary and there are pros and cons- it’s often a smart move if you’re not wanting to drive cross-country or drive your
car to your ultimate destination. Plan accordingly- do your research- and if you decide shipping your car is ultimately the way to go- enjoy the ease of getting yourself to your destination and your car staying safe.