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Truck Drivers In Line For Vaccine

To ensure continuity in the supply chain, the road freight industry needs to know when truck drivers will receive the COVID-19 vaccine.

COVID-19 vaccination prioritization should be given to logistics drivers and even their support teams such as dispatchers.  The Federal Government needs to consider logistics to be an essential industry.

"The trucking industry is keen to understand when its frontline workers (mainly drivers) might be in line for a vaccination and whether they will be given priority over the general population, given their importance in keeping the supply chain running," says Road Transport Forum chief executive Nick Leggett.

There should be an urgency in getting truck drivers vaccinated when you note what is happening...  The lockdowns have significant impacts on moving freight and COVID outbreaks put a large workforce at risk.

"These professionals are part of the ecosystem that delivers the vaccines, with that, it kind of implies  "essential need", adds David R. Larson, Chief Operating Officer at JMN Logistics and Transportation.

Along with the vaccine, drivers and their teams move goods and services to destinations throughout the world.   Their health is important to the global commerce industry and often what is called the "Last Mile" is where most companies struggle.

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