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Truck Driving Careers - Auto Transport

Truck Driving Careers - Auto Transport Specialists

Going across the country… seeing sights you would never normally see... being reliable and trustworthy for a company. These are just some of the benefits of truck driving as a career.
It’s not all sunshine and rainbows. There’s a lot that goes into a long career in the trucking industry. There’s also some cons to this career path and subsequent lifestyle.

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Truck driving requires a lot of hours, and a lot of miles. You may go to several cities across the country and be gone for weeks at a time. If you have a family at home, this can mean missing out on key moments in the typical family
life. The job also comes with stress. Traffic, tracking down a location, making a deadline to drop off your load-- these are all things truck drivers have to consider on a daily basis when taking a load for a company across the country.
Communication is key. You have to communicate with your dispatcher. Talk to other truckers at truck stops and over the radio if you have concerns- or if you see something questionable while on the road.  Use your time efficiently. A lot of times you’re not getting paid for waiting or you’re getting paid very little for the wait time, so you want to be in and out of that dock as quickly as possible rather than being put on ignore by the shipper or receiver. You have to understand while you must wait to unload, you have to keep these time constraints in mind for future loads.

Truck driving is not a rich man’s game. You won’t get rich in this profession. A lot of times, the investment in your truck or company ends up in a big payout. There are also added costs with truck driving- like gas and maintenance. You likely won’t be responsible for these costs out of pocket- but that’s not true for every trucking company. Keep that in mind if you decide to take the job or are researching different freight companies to work for.
Despite these concerns for many, there are lots of benefits to the job. It allows you to travel across the country. You can experience cities and towns you’d never normally see. You can also use the time to take some time off and
see the sights. If you can adapt to any environment you find yourself in- this may be a good career for you. Trucking requires adaptability and the ability to understand change and relationships. Your relationships may suffer as a result, but if you are single or okay with visiting your family less during the year, consider trucking as a career.

If you don’t want to sit behind a desk and work 9 to 5-- trucking is the career for you. You have to adapt to working weird hours and possibly sleeping in the cab of the truck at a truck stop- but this is a small price to pay for the ability
to see the entire country. Truck driving can also allow people who don’t know how to drive- to learn and get better. If you don’t have a driver’s license and you want to learn how to drive- working as a trucker allows you to get tons of practice driving across the country, on all kind of roads, and in all kinds of conditions. If you want to get a degree while working as a trucker- some companies offer tuition reimbursement! This will allow you to get your education without having to worry about loans, cost, etc. Many companies offer this assistance for bachelors or masters degrees. You can also potentially get your GED while working as a truck driver! There’s also potential to get paid to exercise! Getting good exercise and eating right is hard while on the road. If you want to try and stay fit- some companies will pay you to do so!

There are lots of pros and cons to working as a truck driver. You get to travel the country, see the sights, and meet lots of interesting people. There’s a tight knit community amongst truckers. Truck drivers look out for each other, and your supervisor will ensure to keep you safe while out on the road. There’s incentives to working in trucking- like tuition reimbursement, getting paid to exercise, paid vacation, and sick leave. There are cons, however. It’s not all
glamorous. Traveling the road for weeks on end can be hard- especially on a family. If you have a partner or children- be prepared to be away from them for long periods. This can often put a strain on these relationships. It can also be hard to eat right and exercise while on the road. Sleep can be a challenge- as many drivers have to sleep in the cab of their trucks while on the road. Driving for long hours can get tiring- and often boring. It’s difficult to find fun things to look at or do while on the road. With all this in mind, it’s still good to consider truck driving as a career. This could be the start of a long, and interesting, career path.

Transport Drivers or Haulers as they are called often get the cake and eat it too with short routes that can have them back home each day or only a short stay away.  

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